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Our Story

In the throws of early motherhood, I did not support and care for myself the way that I really needed to.

My friends who now do all of the growing and processing of Thrival NECTAR offered me a sample of their hemp. I noticed changes right away - a decrease in irritability, improved overall mood, and better sleep. Over time, my mental state became more clear, I felt like I had come so far, feeling ease and flow in my life. I knew that this NECTAR had to be shared. 

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I finished the bottle and they quickly gave me another… and planted a seed about their team helping me start my own label and formula using their strain of hemp. I remember initially laughing out loud at this. I brushed it off and went on my way.

After another few weeks of using the second sample, I experienced a profound moment. I felt the past 6 months rush before my eyes, like a flip of memories on a reel. I saw that I had come so far in the past 2 months. My mental state had become more clear, and I felt more like myself (the newest version of myself after becoming a mom of 2).

Soon after this, I kept getting this little voice in my head saying “hey, your friends said you could do this, and said they would help you".

I would casually ignore this and the message only became more frequent and more firm—like I was being slapped in the head by my higher self saying, "Honey, Listen"!

After receiving the name of the formula, through a very intense 'cosmic slap', I surrendered. Over time, my intuition guided me to the conception of NECTAR. I began asking and receiving answers. What is it I am supposed to create? How? What does the formula look like?

I began to sit in the essence of this emerging formula and began to lay the bricks for what this would look like out in the world. I feel like I channeled the formulas. They are adamant that their existence in the marketplace is purposeful and needed for humanity.

There is a force behind this NECTAR that I must acknowledge, honor, and pay gratitude to. I am only the patroness. My role is to help get it to the people who are looking for it. 

About the Formulation

NECTAR is offered in two unique formulations. Each bottle contains USDA Certified Organic hemp flower extract and sustainably sourced & ethically harvested ingredients.

Both formulations offer a slightly different experience and both provide the many benefits that CBD has to offer.


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